My Ssec Capstone Project Brian Jasper Mr

Brian Jasper Mr

Brian Jasper
Mr. Gonzales
American Literature
Spring 2018
Is HIV really that scary of a STD?

What ethnic group do you think contains HIV the most? African Americans have been diagnosed with HIV the most in the US out of all the other ethnic groups. IN the past three years, 49% of African Americans have been diagnosed with HIV. Almost half of the people with HIV are African Americans in the United States. As the years go on, African Americans will keep the highest percentage. Maybe not all people are account for in this count. Although it is possible that not all people were accounted for in this count, all websites , papers, and graphs show how all African Americans contain this STD the most.
HIV was a STD that has affected people throughout the generations. HIV has scared many people ever since it was discovered to be a deadly disease. Within the first few weeks of having HIV you can experience flu like symptoms. As you progress on the STD can turn into AIDS. Sadly, there is no cure to this STD currently so there is only treatments that are meant to slow down someone’s death. We should be concerned of this STD because it is a life ending STD which means, it can kill you. There is no cure for this STD so you have to be careful when you are having sex without protection.

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Many people have been infected with this STD. For example, Magic Johnson, a Hall of Fame basketball player, has been infected with this STD. Magic got this STD by having sex with multiple women after his games. He would sign autographs and sometimes he would put his room number next to the autograph or his number. This would be an easy task for him since the Lakers at the time were considered the sexiest team at the time period. Johnson states, “I know how I got the HIV virus. That’s clear. But I don’t know who gave it to me.” Although Johnson was a bit disappointed that he had HIV, he was glad that all the women that he had slept with tested negative for HIV.

Another example of a HIV victim is Eazy-E , also known as Eric Lynn Wright. On March 17, 1995, Eazy-E admitted to the world that he contracted the HIV virus and there was nothing he could do about it because he was already in a critical state. Eazy-E states at a news conference that HIV and AIDS is a real thing and it does not discriminate against anyone. Eazy-E wanted to let all of his young fans to know that this STD affects everyone no matter what. There is now a day that admires this legends death called “Eazy-E Day” which is on April 7th.

One last example of a HIV victim is the comedian/actor Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen told the world he had HIV on November 17, 2015. Sheen says, ” It’s a hard three letters to absorb. It’s a turning point in one’s life”. Sheen has only had sex with two other women while it was unprotected. Sheen eventually gets sued for giving this girl HIV and later will get sued again in 2017. Sheen has promoted the use of condoms and safe sex countless times but Sheen states that he this night he got too drunk or bored and he ended up getting the STD. Sheen actually embraces that he has HIV by making many jokes about his diagnosis.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) has affected society in a scary way. It makes people very scared to want to have sex because they don’t want to have this STD. HIV has no cure at the moment and is still in development to finding one. Therefore, it makes this disease very deadly. This disease can ruin people’s normal lives because not many people will be willing to accept that they have this STD. Many people would not want to be around people who have this STD because if they acquire it, they’re lives are pretty much over.

Since HIV has been discovered, condoms have been used much more so that way it can block the disease from spreading. More people have been donating to see if the hospitals can stop this disease from spreading. People are more cautious with the people they want to have sex with because they don’t want to catch this STD. People go to the hospitals more to check if they have HIV so they can let people know before they start spreading it to other people.

When HIV was first introduced, most people didn’t even realize they had the disease. By the time this disease was figured out, many people were too late and it was already spreading and people didn’t know what to do to stop it. This STD took the world by surprise and it scared many people because it was incurable. HIV made people feared of it even more when famous people such as Magic Johnson, and Eazy-E got infected by it.

Currently there are no current medicines that can cure this STD, but there are medicines that can prolong a person’s life so it will allow them to live longer. Wikipedia states, “It is important to note that although HIV is highly virulent, transmission is greatly reduced when an HIV-infected person has a suppressed or undetectable viral load (