Book name

Book name : Charlie and the Chocolate factory
Author : Roald Dahl
Roald Dahl’s one of the most extraordinary book is Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Dahl was a chocolate historian, ace fighter pilot, medical inventor and spy who wrote this book with such an amazing creative mind and he also used his ethics of chocolates in his book. Quentin Blake who is a great illustrator of Charlie and the chocolate factory whose doodling and drawings of all the characters are funny and cool which attracts the children. Dahl wrote this book with fun overload and also a kind good piece of advice to the children in an interesting manner and not only but also he knew how to steal the heart of everyone. The way he introduces the hero, Charlie Bucket who is very simple poor boy with burdens in his heart and love for chocolates who is longing for a single chocolate due to his family background. But he adjusts and sacrifices all his will and wishes for the sake of his family. Dahl ‘s imaginative thought is an appreciative task which mesmerizes me and made me to fall in love with his book. Charlie has a grandparents who are very affectionate with Charlie and love him with whole heart. They always told a story to his grandson. Here Dahl introduces the world’s number one huge amazing chocolate factory ,the owner is Mr. Willy Wonka who is generous and kind hearted person who wants a child to take care of his factory after his death . So he choose five children from various countries all over the world by sending a secret golden tickets in his Willy Wonka chocolates. The four children from the various countries are very annoying like the first one is a greedy boy, the next is a girl who is spoiled by her parents, the third is a girl is with full of pride and prejudice and the fourth one is a boy who does nothing but watching television and the last fifth lucky child is Charlie .The story continues with a speed of delightful and delicious world of chocolates. Dahl really a respectable and lovable person who has a fond of chocolates expresses his dream world of chocolates in an elegant way. The factory is fully made of different kinds of chocolate varieties and the most incredible thing is the chocolate river in a garden, the garden which is also specially made of chocolate grasses and full of chocolate flowers everywhere. Next the most exciting thing is that the glass elevator which is such an amazing imaginative thought of Dahl who makes Mr. Wonka as the most talented person in the world. I couldn’t believe that I too wandering in that chocolate factory among those kids and while reading I too feel the pleasure how those kids feel in the chocolate factory. Dahl introduces the Oompa Loompas who are very kind and has a huge fond of Cocoa . They teach us how to live a happy life with no worries and sings beautifully and made us to think of the good deeds and teach a lesson to those naughty children. I wonder how this man has such an amazing creative writing which reveals in his poems which is used as a lesson for the readers and also makes the readers to live in his world of chocolates . Dahl teaches the kids about a good things in a lovely way. In his book , he shows the reflections of the people’s what they done to others will get back as a reward .Dahl said that ” If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely “. Really his words help the readers to understand and stand with good attitudes. No wonder that Charlie wins and made his family to be proud of his son . Dahl concludes his story with an unexpected twist that Charlie’s family and Mr. Willy Wonka stuck in the glass elevator and flew to the space and they all are floating like balloons.