My Ssec Capstone Project Bamboo as a natural raw material existed together in the world since the days of man on earth

Bamboo as a natural raw material existed together in the world since the days of man on earth

Bamboo as a natural raw material existed together in the world since the days of man on earth. In the construction sector of Nigeria, wood and steel have been the major materials used in the production. With the forest been reaped down year in year out for logs of timber for construction, experimental researches (Andam, 1995, Youssef, 1976, Liese, 1986) are being discovered to state the fact that bamboo has a natural raw material and a strong capability to that of wood, bricks, also as strong as steel, and it is environmental friendly, cheap, locally accessible, which can be readily used as a substitute material for flooring, roofing, and reinforcement in place of steel in buildings.

Bamboo a composite material is readily accessible in Nigeria and has not been properly utilized. From researches conducted by scholars (Cleaver, 1993, American Bamboo Society, 2002, Anon., 1987), bamboo possesses a vast advantageous usage scheme which is environmental friendly, in respect to trees (wood) which are gathered within 10–30 years, bamboo can be collected within 3–5 years, likewise a 10–30% of biomass contrasted with 2–5% of bamboo (American Bamboo Society, 2014). With the high rate of wood exploitation in Nigeria forest, it will be necessary to provide an alternative means/sources of raw materials for construction. The aim of this paper is to investigate the information about bamboo as a raw material, which can be utilized in the constructional sector in Nigeria, revealing its potential and ecological profits and disservices. With findings gathered this paper will provide a formidable platform, to be considered if bamboo can reduce the environmental defects in the construction sector in Nigeria. The objectives of this paper are: to identify the strength and capability of bamboo for constructional purpose, to identify its present use in Nigeria and explore further possible usage, to examine the effects depends upon the environment in Nigeria. The article is based on bamboo use, characteristics and properties, data will be collected from literature sources: journals, books, magazines, etc. In this paper, a qualitative research approach will be adopted. Data collected will be examined with references related to previous researches done by scholars and scientist in regards to bamboo. The study will cover bamboo, its characteristics, properties and use in Nigeria. The investigation of bamboo in this paper will be restricted to the ones found in the Nigeria. This paper will only cover the use of bamboo in construction, other aspects like medicinal attribute, industrial use; will not be discussed.

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