My Ssec Capstone Project Author here focused on education an asset ownership as a measure of women autonomy

Author here focused on education an asset ownership as a measure of women autonomy

Author here focused on education an asset ownership as a measure of women autonomy. For assessing women autonomy asset is an easier and more accurate indicator (Johnson et. al., 2011). Maluccio et. al., (2003) stated that in our country asset ownership mainly doesn’t mean property holding. It generally means durable goods. Very few women are there having land ownership. Asset has the power of reproduction at the time of inequalities, unpredictable situation and it is needed in everyday interactions. When it is used for helping women, it overcomes ideological, social and administrative obstacles. Thus it helps to get women’s autonomy. Access to asset ownership is the central process of women autonomy (Rao, 2017).
Ward et. al., (2009) estimated that Sustainable development of an economy depends on the diversified economy and its skilled labor force. To attain this condition education is surely needed as it helps to achieve economic development, growth, skilled labor and women autonomy. Women education provides with more decision making power in family matters. According to Joseph, (2013) for maintaining social peace women autonomy is very important. Through education women autonomy can be established and social peace can be achieved. In this case social inequality works as a barrier to attain social peace.

2.4 Approaches to Establish Women Autonomy
It is worthwhile to mention that educational institutions settings and govt. role play very importantly to attain women autonomy. According to Joseph, (2013) it includes proper curricula, women attention and their encouragement. But it is matter of regret that in educational institutes women suffer from violence by men in some cases. Programs to increase and control asset ownership is a pathway to reduce poverty. Without this economic outcome asset ownership also increase family wellbeing, social status as well as women autonomy (Johnson et. al., 2011).
Another study shows that various program are running for raising women autonomy. It is evident that in rural Bangladesh 1305 women used credit from BRAC and Grameen Bank for establishing micro-enterprise as an income source for their own. It is evident that women participating with these programs strengthen their economic status and role in the family (Ibrahim et. al., 2007).

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