As of late

As of late, the Roanoke office has had criticisms from four of its customers and there is a disposition
that the decrease in consumer loyalty could be expected to some extent of no confidence among the branch’s
representatives. It has become apparent that graphic designers and art directors feel that their work are not being value with decently and their thoughts are not being considered important. At the same time, they are being requested to work longer hours without a normal work adjustment, or legitimate pay, either financially or in time. All have contemplated leaving the organization; we should give this immediate attention, as we all know that Roanoke handles a portion of our greatest customers. We should likewise make sure the workers we acquire are being treated with aspect and maid part of the group.
As an executive group, I feel it is critical to connect with the Roanoke branch to discover what the
base of the issue is before it worsens and the whole organization is influenced.

Here is my proposed design of communication with the branch:

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Fred Jackson- Connect with the creative and marketing departments to acquire more
about the condition between the employees.

Debra Norman- Reach out to all Roanoke’s and clients seek out their feedback.
Jack Brown- Contact the creative team at the Roanoke branch to study the reasons for rejection of creative work by management team.
Debra Scott- Conduct a meeting with the Public Relations department employees and get
their output.
Jerry Goodson- Will create a process that will provide a better solution for overtime and compensation for all employees.
I would like for all team members to gather all information and collaborate, after analyzing all finding,
build your own report. On June 15, 2018 at 09:00 am, a team meeting will be held where the team will discussion concepts, find solutions, and create a solution.