My Ssec Capstone Project Are human beings born to be good or are naturally born to be evil

Are human beings born to be good or are naturally born to be evil

Are human beings born to be good or are naturally born to be evil? A person’s nature is a trait that is inherited and it demonstrates oneself. This argument is controversial because it involves human beings and the nature of people either being good or evil. People are inherently good or evil, it is proven that it is impossible to determine if a person is naturally evil. In other words, the human is exposed to the corrupt society which influences that is not of one’s free will in the view of the nature of being good nor evil. My position is humans are not evil by nature but instead, they are good but influenced by the environment and societies to act in evil ways to either harm others or themselves.
What makes commodity the great unwashed do bad things? This is a disturbing question which occupies our mind remembering the spate murder. The great unwashed often underestimation the impingement of the external agent because they cannot admit how easily they could be manipulated by situational force play, the concept known as fundamental attribution wrongdoing. As humans, we precariously span two humankind. One man is based on our genetic hardwiring which is geared towards survival and hostility, our animal inherent aptitude. Our other worldly concern is the modern, civilized club based on rules and conformity which we have created and enjoy. The vast majority of people reside prominently in civilized gild, and they dismiss their instinct for aggression and dominance. Being a portion of the grouping ensures safety and prosperity, and the group strongly influence and defines mortal demeanour. This relationship between the group and the person is a two-way street. The group defines rules and limitations, and the individual complies for the purpose of integration. The final stage result of this is mutually beneficial to the good of one and the good of many. Iniquity acts occur when one prospect of this scheme breaks down and either the motivations of the group as a whole become corrupted or an individual rebels against the norms created by society.

As I look into companionship today, I see many case of mass. There are people from many ethnic cultures with different religious belief , and impression. The world today is very diverse, and that is why I believe that people are either commodity or wickedness, because people have both of these traits. We get this information from our parents, that teach us what society think good and iniquity is. As children we learn that evil is bad , and that we should never practice it, while doing a good deed is something we should do all the metre. I think that evil is something that has been made up to give us an self-justification for damage number that people have set out to do.”It’s not just seeing people hurt, it’s doing things that you have a sense that you are controlling behavior of other people in ways that you typically don’t,” Zimbardo said. Zimbardo noticed that in his own simulated jail experiment in 1971 the Stanford Prison Experiment in which college scholarly person s played the roles of captive or safety , and the guards became brutal and abusive toward prisoners after just six Clarence Day , leadership Zimbardo to prematurely final stage the experiment. The experiment showed that institutional forces and peer force per unit area led normal student volunteer guards to neglect the potentiality harm of their military action on the other student prisoners.”You don’t need a motive,” Zimbardo said. “All you really need is a situation that facilitates moving across that line of good and wickedness .” Zimbardo vehemence that intellect the socio-psychological process of situational transformation is not an excuse for individual to commit crimes. It is just an account how masses can be corrupted to do inhumane deeds and indeed it should be wisely used to resist the evil.

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The Lucifer Effect presents how good people turn evil. It involves understanding what powerful dynamic factors come into play during the human character metamorphosis within different circumstances. Lucifer Effect explains that personality variables contribute just a bit to produce certain behaviour, alleviating or escalating the impact of the situational forces, which are lying at the base of the psycho-sociological interactions