My Ssec Capstone Project Analysis of the Factors that influence brand switching in smart phone Industry

Analysis of the Factors that influence brand switching in smart phone Industry

Analysis of the Factors that influence brand switching in smart phone Industry: A Study of Smart Phone in Pakistan
Client Executive
Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited

This research paper tend to provide the answer about the consumer brand Switching by analyzing those factors which influence brand switching in cellular phones in Pakistan. This research is restricted only to mobile service providers in Lahore Area of Pakistan. Within the past decades Pakistan has emerged as the fastest growing Mobile industry in the world. Mobile phones have become the necessity of Human life. This study focuses on both the dependent variable and independent variables. The dependent variable for this Research is brand switching while independent variables Include brand image, product pricing, product features and customer satisfaction.For the Qualitative and Quantitative data, consumer’s attitude and behavior will be observed to any mobile brand and its feature is also examined through the questionnaires. Primary data will be collected with the help of in-depth interview technique and open-ended questionnaire. Due of the difficulty of data collection for companies’ feedback from their customer, a convenience sample of 250 online and manual respondents with the proper surveying techniques will be used in data analysis and testing of the research hypotheses. The Data of the various assumed variables will be collected with the help of Likert scale from the respondents which provided us with enough data to analyze for the most and least influential factors. By analyzing of the data collected we will observed that the root cause of brand switching is poor performance of previous brand and more promising quality and technology offered by the new brand. This will gave us deep response that how customer’s priority will be shifted from buying a budget friendly product to buying a more promising and durable product. A variety of causes will be observed and Separated into more generic heading in the Black Box model that will be used in the paper which will help us in understanding them in a more systematic pattern. The results will show that Why Consumer Switch brand and the factors influence frequent switchers, moderate switchers and rare switchers To switch.
Keywords: Brand switching, brand satisfaction, brand name, brand image.Brand price, Customer Satisfaction, personal factors, Product Features,Smartphone,Sales promotion factors, Technological impact, Value-added services,

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