My Ssec Capstone Project Analyse how the skills

Analyse how the skills

Analyse how the skills, interests, knowledge and expertise within the team can meet agreed objectives

As a unit manager I work with my team ensuring that they are treated by means of respect and needs of residents are met. I carry out our staff supervision and encourage my staff to expand their own skills and knowledge. Working along regularly with my team, this will allows me to get to know and understand my staffs recognize their strengths and weak points. As part of my team this allows me to make use of their skills to the advantage and also observe, identify and agree on areas of improvement I also have to encourage staff to always be updated with all mandatory training and any other which can support them in day to day job roles. For them to make enquiries for any further training they may need to enhance, expand their skills for further experience. This will give staff confidence and self worth in their work. It is important to maintain good communication within a team for it achievement. This allows colleagues to discuss any issues and concerns and hopefully find an agreeable solution. As a unit manager I have found if effective to observe, reflect and review team member performance regularly, usually by team meetings, every working day and supervisions.

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