My Ssec Capstone Project Alibaba is the company of using E-commerce

Alibaba is the company of using E-commerce

Alibaba is the company of using E-commerce. The product and service of the Alibaba company is can let the customer to purchase satisfaction and let the sellers easy to do business. The Alibaba founder was Ma Yun with his friend Penh Lei. After that, Alibaba have share the factor how the company can be success and how the company overcome difficulties.

Background of the Alibaba
Alibaba is an e-commerce company from china. Alibaba was the biggest IPO in the world. The founder of the company is jack ma and penh Lei. This company set up on since 1999 and since 2001 they start to earning profit. In 2012 alibaba group handle sale of 170 bilion.

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Nowadays, Alibaba company is successful than Ebay and Amazon. In 2003, Alibaba found taobao as direct to competition to Ebay. In the year of 2004, Alibaba group ofer Alipay. Alipay give customer to receiver good before payment was released to the sellers.

Before that, in July 2011 the group initiate a mobile operating system and develop by their cloud computing system. Jack ma was CEO of the group till 2013, because lack of technical knowledge, Jack ma never a typical CEO. Now have the one of the person, he is the main pillar of Alibaba. The present CEO is Jonathan Lu.

In September of 2014, Alibaba is the first time took the US markets by the storm. Then, It propelled the founder Jack Ma to became a richest man in the china. In 2013, have 231 million of customer spent the sum of 2480 billion on the Alibaba web portals. And the more sale than ebay and amazon combined. Jonathan Lu attribute the success to the customer. Therefore, service the customer in their company be a important thing.

Lastly, the Alibaba of the successful are inspiring to several internet business all over the world. So a company need to be successful, persistence is victory.