My Ssec Capstone Project After the first World War

After the first World War

After the first World War, the Western world fell into chaos. At the beginning of the second World War, no one expected it to end until every country involved in the war was severely damaged. For the same reason, at the beginning of World War II, the Germans would never have imagined that it would end in total defeat. They thought they were taking back Germanic power. According to the history of World War I and World War II, when the war began, it was not up to anyone. The end result is completely different from what people originally thought. As Bruce Beresford’s path to Heaven tells us, modern warfare is basically an all-out war, so no one can be left alone. The whole world is in a state of emergency-everyone’s destiny has changed-and the direction is unclear. This touching and warm story is based on a real World War II event. It began at a dinner party at a hotel in Singapore in 1942. There was an alarm that the army of other countries was about to capture the city. Women and children were driven to a transport ship. The ship was then sunk and survivors reached the coast of Sumatra, which had been captured by Japanese troops in a brutal concentration camp. As a challenge, these women gain strength by organizing a “vocal band” to perform complex musical arrangements. First, in harsh tropical conditions, food is scarce and sanitation is extremely poor. The lives of prisoners, a group of women of different nationalities, colors, identities and cultures have changed dramatically. The woman caused a respectable and privileged quarrel over a piece of soap. To make matters worse, the commander of the Japanese battalion imposed cruel punishment on them, including a woman who was sentenced to death by kneeling in the hot sun or falling on a sharp nail. Physically, they suffered a lot.
Among these prisoners, because some of them could not endure physical torture, they changed their lives through spiritual compromise. One scenario is that women have a chance to get out of prison: if they volunteer to become prostitutes in the Japanese army, they can lead a rich life. There is a meaningful conversation: when a woman seems to want to be a prostitute, another asks, “but what about choir?” “some women in this position did choose prostitution, but some did not hesitate to leave. On the other hand, the change of female life coincides with that of Japanese officers. Although the film attempts to portray Japan’s atrocities with many violent incidents, it still shows that the Japanese are not a symbol of evil or cruelty. They’re not inhumane. When prisoners from a choir began to perform amazing works, Japanese soldiers were able to appreciate and show a feeling. The Japanese commander took the British woman to the quiet woods and sang her a folk song. Not only did he miss his hometown, but he also tried to get her recognition. Without a strong nationalist fascism, most soldiers would want to end the war. It is worth noting that after a long period of time, I still remember clearly that when the beautiful harmony came to mind, time seemed to stop. A group of women played beautiful music in their own voice. The music is delightful. At this moment they were sent off like angels. Their brave music can wash people’s hearts. As women dream, the war ended with the surrender of fascism. Their persistence was a success. The war dragged everyone into hell. Because of the unlimited human nature of several people, fascism and nationalism caused endless wars and changed the lives of everyone at that time. The war is not beautiful. They are cruel and chaotic. It was some heroic brilliance of spirit, who suddenly made it grand in desperate circumstances