My Ssec Capstone Project Adventure Tourism in Nepal Nepal is a small geographical location in Asia

Adventure Tourism in Nepal Nepal is a small geographical location in Asia

Adventure Tourism in Nepal
Nepal is a small geographical location in Asia. It has the lowest point 100 to highest point 8,848 M makes Nepal naturally a diverse and beautiful country. Nepal lies from very plain Terai region to Mountain region which makes Nepal natural diverse and beautiful. Nepal would be the great destination for the people for their natural resources, snowcapped mountains, wild life, flora and fauna. The mountain activities such as skiing, peak climbing, expedition and trekking is really stunning. Visiting and climbing mountain which is the highest peak in the world i.e. Mount Everest is really amazing and beautiful. Nepal has become a dream land for the adventurous people from all over the world. Climbing Mt Everest is the ultimate life adventure and reaching the summit would be the journeys’ goal. Expedition and trekking are popular activities and demand of adventure tourism in Nepal. Although, Nepal is a small geographical country it has fascinated the people around the world for its culture, Himalayan trekking, rafting and climbing.
The cultural diversity, majestic forest, with full of flora and fauna, rivers, lake, water falls; make Nepal the world’s amazing country. The people who decide to spend their holiday; Nepal is one of the best choices for experiencing the unforgettable moment. People can enjoy by climbing the highest mountain on foot and coming down by skiing is the best way to get thrills and adventure. Nepal is the best choice of adventure tourism of the people around the world not only for its beauty and Himalayan but also the diverse culture, peace and economy. People may also get thrilled over paragliding which is another feature of adventure in Nepal. Paragliding with a beautiful view of mountain is the best experienced among the other regions of the world. As Nepal is rich in geographical situation, mountain bike at the heart of Himalaya is also one of the best parts of adventure tourism. Through these all activities many foreigners and domestic tourists have benefited to date. They would really experience the adventurous life after visiting Nepal.

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It is not only adventurous in mountain but also in terai is famous for adventure tourism. Visiting terai may surprise you to see rare birds and animals. There are so many extinct birds which we get to see. One thing is really stunning and famous that is Jungle Safari through which we see varieties of birds and animals. We would get unexpected joy when we ride on elephant’s back and enjoy into the green forest and crossing rivers to see and explore flora and fauna would be an opportunity for the people around the globe to share and experience. One of the best places in terai which you might not have been i. e. the historic and cultural places. Once you enter the gate you may realize the never end peace which make people realize the social and human harmony. It creates brotherhood and builds humanity to come over in a single umbrella.

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