My Ssec Capstone Project Advantages of Benchmarking include

Advantages of Benchmarking include

Advantages of Benchmarking include:
• Provide a systematic approach to the evaluation of practices.
• Promotion of reflective practices.
• Provide a pathway for change in clinical practice.
• Ensure that pockets of innovative methods are not wasted.
• Reduced repetition of operations and resources.
• Reduced fragmentation and geographic variation in health care.
• Provide additional resource testing.
One of the key advantages of benchmarking is that it helps to overcome resistance to change by highlighting other ways to solve the problem. Learning from others and sharing your knowledge of what worked well between benchmarks can go a long way to managing your work more.
Many hospitals benchmark guidelines to facilitate the process
For example, the NHS Wales (2018) provides the following guidelines to identify a wide range of methods for a typical clinical benchmark project.
1. Regularly compare functions or processes as best practices.
2. Determine where you can improve performance.
3. Find new ideas and views to improve performance.
4. Implement the extension.
5. Monitor the benefits of the progress and review.