My Ssec Capstone Project According to Paul B

According to Paul B

According to Paul B. Armstrong the “ultimate source of meaning and value is the lived experiences of human beings, these experiences in a phenomenological sense consist of emotion, imagination, thought, emotion, desire and action. “() In the following narrative academic essay where I am going to make use of Phenomenology as a philosophical perspective, to argue why most teachers in South African schools are obsessed with assessment and academic achievement. Secondly I am going to explore and explain how any form of academic achievement, which can be manipulative, and be compatible with true creativity and intellectual innovation. Thirdly I am going to provide a demonstration of how education is not just about the teaching and learning of technical competence. Lastly, I will provide a strategy that would be able to help schools to pay more attention to human values.

Most parents, teachers and students are most likely to view the school process: It begins with a curriculum that indicates what teachers should teach and students must learn in each year of school, teachers must deliver this curriculum in a meaningful way and ensuring that learners have an opportunity to learn. Throughout this learning process continuous assessment takes place
According to (Kanjee & Sayed 2013) the schooling sector in South Africa has moved towards assessment as a main component for improving teaching as well as learning in schools.
Assessment has been rooted in the curriculum and South Africa has embarked on a census-based system of Annual National Assessments (ANAs). The ANAs are known as a measure that could possibly increase the awareness of the challenges teachers and learners face, this testing intervention can equip teachers with the necessary information that can be useful to develop appropriate interventions for improving teaching and learning (RSA DBE 2012a).
In my opinion there is a major flaw in the way assessment is taking place in schools, although useful. By labelling students as either good or poor learners based on their overall grades at the end of each year, instead of focusing on what grade a learner will get at the end of the year, to assessing progress students make over time, by taking human values into consideration. These testing regimes is suffocating creativity and innovation in schools, we are no longer educating learners but preparing them to pass a test.

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The obsession of test has led to many teachers to eliminate projects that provide students to be creative and imaginative, assessment and standardized test is driving teachers fearful that their jobs will be at stake if their test scores don’t rise.

In spite of the investments made into education and increased inputs the level of quality and learning in South Africa is still lower than countries who invest less in their schooling sectors.

Education is not about the teaching and learning of technical competence

Human Values
In a diverse and multicultural nation such as South Africa people regards its own values and needs as paramount, although we belong to different ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic groups (). In order to help develop a strategy that would enable schools to pay attention to human values, we must develop a value-based strategy in our educational system that would help young people to respect the cultural differences and individual worth of others. Value based education is an approach to teaching that works with values, create a strong learning environment that enhances academic achievement and develop students’ social relationships skills that will last throughout their lives. South African schools must promote the well-being of its young people, according to ( well-being ) .can be described as : ___________- this strategy must pay attention to the ways in which human values can be integrated into the curriculum, without neglecting traditional basics such as literacy, numeracy schools must pay attention to fields as values, culture, religion, politics, economics.
Positive learning environment achieved through positive values modelled throughout the school
One way – emphasis on personal and social education Social education- not only inhabit school environment but take active part in a large number of social groupings, family groups, social groups and bring school experiences to those groups,
A strong educational process should not only focus on knowledge and information but on human values,
Teaching students to be respectful to each other, good citizenship, showing tolerance and uderstanding