My Ssec Capstone Project Abstract EBay has tried an extreme understanding of renewal and eBay has to make the ban management formation to obtain the strategy profitable

Abstract EBay has tried an extreme understanding of renewal and eBay has to make the ban management formation to obtain the strategy profitable


EBay has tried an extreme understanding of renewal and eBay has to make the ban management formation to obtain the strategy profitable. EBay has struggle with huge debt they bring many team and variety of business but had not any structure for the progress. However, from the establishment of management structure which excellent able for eBay and possible change the Web business globally and start to identify the progress to get know how the business will originally established.
In a functional organization, all companies’ activities of a management are division into a numerical form and each and every function is entrusted on a specialist. Overview of the key path that eBay utilize to have an advance merits in customer function of the web is that eBay was knew to be an in new markets globally. EBay at beginning, they just introduce by auctions which were calculated for app. 67% volume. According to the case study, leadership makes a decision to get into competition for alternative business that provide online bid. Looking at this process, eBay took a huge move to illustrate the business so that can set up globally.
Nowadays, eBay is gradually increasing day by day and before it was only sold the collected items but now it uses a new function and people from the global can easily buy and sell their items easily and it is legal in eBay system. However eBay has change in its system and took a new taste they use a new model and new strategic plan for the betterment of the company.

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Table of Contents
Abstract 1
Introduction 3
Body of Analysis 4
SWOT Analysis 7
Conclusion 8
Reference 9


EBay was established in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar which is also known as action online store where people has equality to purchase. Nowadays EBay is gradually increasing with its new functions and management system. However, before it was only sold the collections items, but later the company use different method to satisfy the consumers. So nowadays, people from globally purchase and sell dually any items and it is legal and there are no problems from the EBay’s side. EBay also made a freedom to the consumers to have equality for making a decision in the firm, which touch consumer as they are the owners.
As we know that the EBay market is gradually increasing and they use U-form for the smooth run on their business. However, Omidyar made a change and new taste in the usual functional structure, he implement the system 4 design which is related on the behavioral ideal of the company formation that indicate the priority of team and other social operation. EBay also made a new structure in which the company is run by the customers and sellers itself or EBay easily gives the opportunity for the exchange in the field.

Body of Analysis
1. As eBay grow into top global markets. Omidyar made his firm by using U-form, The U-form (U as a unity) which is also known as functional or practical design. He applied this form in the areas like finance, operations, legal, human resources and forth which might seem to be different in near future. The U form design is set for a specific product strategy because attention on practical activity and coordination is very important cause one of merits of this method is that the cost of employing each administration with skilled is less than in other management. As we know that eBay is gradually increasing in global market and which might be changes and may be affecting using this U-form design. The operational units like finance, operations, legal, human resources and forth are noted straight to CEO. U-form construction promotes large period of management and grant the CEO to streamline rule. Demerits of the U-form design are that it delays the decision making and we know that quick decision is very important in any organization for the achievement of goal. The workers might drop perception of global regulatory objectives which is very tough for the management to guide the achievement of separate managers in the practical areas.
2. as currently, the marketplace unit and one of its 3 division of units, operates eBay globally operations. The organization system of eBay is placed on variety of function service in e-commerce. According to this, the organization associate structure as a strategic management demand of its own market place web page and similar process. In eBay like the regulatory structure decide that how the team relates with each other and vice versa. The organizations constitutional function shows the management variety of business, like web retail and sale by bid operation. eBay used their formation to manage and implementation of strategic plans for the attraction so that there will be raise of the sellers and customers for the international trading. Efficient and effective management skills are operating to maintain services so that can grab the target consumers through the Internet and web site. eBay organization structure circle the formation of supplement like, stub hub. In last, dealer, users can expect comparison in formation and authority among the firm and its subdivision.
3. CEO and the shareholders must required the micro to manage the organization, so that the subsidiaries bring in and create a new taste in U form deigns and implement and which may help for the appropriate structure for the rapid and quick decision making and defeat the damages and grab the opportunities in the organization. Other possible change that eBay can made is the changing in the formation of eBay which involve large target adept in the field of management. In other word, the small manager will have many duties to lead and implement in changes that will inspire the firm complete objectives and goals. And as we know that great power has come with the great responsibilities and duties. Quick decision is very important in present day. However, functional firm, there is not possibilities of quick decision. Therefore, it is important to get suggestions and advice from the professional before making a decision. Thus, the organization most invests much time to come in a concrete decision. The lag in decision making, in somehow, may be the reason to loss in firm. The manager is very responsible for making and implement of plan so, after the design of the organizational structure and manager has to divide the responsibilities and duties among the staff and give the clear instructions. Likewise, a manager has to inspire and motivate by making groups and singles to perform their job efficiently.
4. The changes that in its external environment are likely to affect the online-auction companies in coming years will be the really quite to be contemplate. I will believe that the brand variety, opportunity, transportation or ship cost, something made different in eBay classifications, different in ethical and moral association of an organization are like to be the aspect which would be affect the online auction companies. Possession and research instrument may also affect the company straightly.
The capacity to mobility with shift made by eBay or other, who affects the eBay, will check the company strength to gain the benefit or profits in the market place. As compare to the Skype eBay has already made mistake but not out of the profit. Suppose Vendor do not like the product and same as the consumer. The excellent step that eBay made for the company was the buying the product through the PayPal. PayPal add itself in the eBay by present the dealer 10.00 for the use of their service and rewarded 10.00 for any guideline. For this type of decision and plan Vendors gather in 1999. I sold my product in eBay as its start as “eBay” and development of PayPal is impressive. So that’s why eBay introduce and began I short period like three years after PayPal brought it in the market place. Nowadays other site which has a web or product has a PayPal as a fee payment. Likewise, the competitors of eBay like Yahoo, Amazon and so on also accept the PayPal.