My Ssec Capstone Project A reflection is a significant part of the learning process after the assignment

A reflection is a significant part of the learning process after the assignment

A reflection is a significant part of the learning process after the assignment. According to George Rosier (2002), Reflection has been used successfully to improve student learning by requiring students to write a reflective report after the class discussion or an assignment.
The purpose of composing this reflective report is to reflect on my research and analytical skills and what I have learned from this module. I will write a short reflective report regarding on the challenges that I have faced when working on this assignment and how I have handled them effectively in the following essay. Besides that, I will also reflect on what I have learnt from Contemporary in Business and Management as well as suggest myself on how I can improve my capabilities.
Description and development of skills
My previous level of research and analytical skills are quite poor. As I always did a lot of wrong research during I was doing my assignment, it was really waste my time on doing wrong research. Moreover, my analytically was poor than my research skill. I cannot analyse my research properly and it leads me to lose a lot of marks on this.
However, after study this module; I learnt how to doing research properly especially after I studying the learning set which related to our topics. I can find some useful research since I read the article related to the topic during learning conversation. Therefore, I saved a lot of time when I was doing this assignment as well as I can find a lot of useful data. The learning set is really useful as I let me understanding which kind of the article is really related and useful to the topics I have chosen. And it helps a lot on my assignment. Yet, my analytical skill has not a big improvement as sometimes I cannot really analyse what is really needed and what does the data mean to me. So I always lose mark on the part.
Changes in attitudes and understanding
I had developed some personal skills after studying this module. First of all, critical thinking is one of the important skills that I have developed. According to Alison Doyle (2018), most of the employers want their employees to be creative thinking and thoughtful analysis when solving problems. Within this assignment, as I was applied critical thinking so I was created some creative ideas and views which make me can successfully link all my chosen topics together thus to make it more natural to be related. Second personal skill is the ability to accept constructive feedback. When doing this assignment, I was always getting feedback from my friends and we always share our opinions together. At the time I let tutor checked my assignment; I faced challenges as he was asking me to restructure my work. There is many of things need to change and I had time-limited, however, I still accept his feedback to restructure my work again as I know he was giving me good suggestion. In this situation, I also developed another skill which is coping with pressure. The pressure that I was coping is time pressure as the submission due is closely but I still need to restructure my work.
Students will have lesser opportunities for learning proficiently if they had not positive attitudes and perceptions (Marzano, 2018). In my opinion, I think that positive attitude on learning is really important; not only for students but also for all people as there is no any limit when learning. According to Government of Alberta (2018), positive attitude on learning lets people feel relax, remember, focus, and assimilate information when learning. Therefore, I always keep myself in a positive attitude when learning.
Plans for the futures and conclusion
Look back on my experience of studying on this module, at first, when we discuss three articles about the ‘learning conversation’ we faced the problem with time management and lack of communication within the team. So we had some obstructs when we conducted the ‘learning conversation’. At that time, I realised that we really need a leader to lead us as leadership is a significant element of management which helps to maximise efficiency and to achieve goals (Juneja, 2018).
After this module, I learnt some employability skills such as leadership, self-innovation, teamwork, communication skill and time management. It might very useful once I am employment. It will increase my strength and opportunity for employment in my future.