My Ssec Capstone Project A public organization is control and maintain by the regional government

A public organization is control and maintain by the regional government

A public organization is control and maintain by the regional government, funded by the public. It usually serves the citizens of the state without generating any profit. The main objective of public organization is provide the good services to the people while not earning any money or profit, but it can increase the money and profit from the public income to maintain the operation and pay the employees. Moreover, the public organization is included the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and so forth.

A private organization is usually not control by the government, it managed by individuals, companies and proprietary. Furthermore, the private organization has their own rules,policies and goals, and it also fund privately. In addition, the purpose of private organization is to make more profit and money.

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A voluntary organization is relies on temporary or regular volunteers to operate and may or may not have paid staff. In the addition, the voluntary organizations are characterized by independence from the state, autonomy through an unpaid trustee council, membership that is neither inherited nor designated, assistance to charitable causes, provision of benefits or services to non-members, and non-profit oriented.
The National University of Malaysia ( NUM ) is also called University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). It is a public university that located in Bangi , Selangor. It was started up in year 1970. The university is teaching hospital. The university administer a Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (UKMMC) that located in Cheras. It also has a branch campus that located in Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the most renowned university in Malaysia. There are over 10,000 of students study in the university, and about 5,000 of graduated students .In a addition, it is over 1,000 of students which is from foreign countries. Furthermore,, it was chosen as one of the four research university in Malaysia in year 2006 because of its background in quality research. Nowadays, NUM has a wide range of capabilities. Its along with an entrenched private holding company that called NUM Holdings. These company is deal with all business activities that related to the university.NUM also have a biggest library in Malaysia that called NUM’s Tun Seri Lanang Library. The library have over 2 millions of collection such as books, journals, e-books and e-journals.

KDU University College is a private organization in Malaysia, with its lead ship college campus in Utropolis Glenmarie in Shah Alam. KDU University College is established in year 1983. KDU also is the one of the private colleges that have their own purpose-built campus in Malaysia. There are also has others campus that located in Damansara Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, KDU Penang University College,KDU Management Development Centre and KDU Smart School. Moreover, it is a member of Paramount Education which is fully integrated provide the quality education, such as primary and secondary, the undergraduate and graduate level of both local and international, administrative , professional development programmes. Paramount Education has over 100,000 students since year 1983 and it also is the education sector of Paramount Corporation Berhad which is a company that is recorded on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

Tzu Chi University ( TCU ) is a voluntary university is very famous and it also very popular in medical education in Hualien City, at Taiwan. It was set up by the Tzu Chi Foundation (NGO). Founded in year 1994,Tzu Chi University started as Tzu Chi Medical College. Its renamed as Tzu Chi College of Medicine and Humanities and accepted the humanities and social students since 1998. The Medical College obtained the university status in year 2000. Thus, it was also renamed as Tzu Chi University. The Medical School was one of the first departments to be started.The Medical School also has six Tzu Chi Hospitals around Taiwan, including a medical center and three teaching hospitals. However , its also need to follow the rules by the government although it is different with the private and public school.

\The National University of Malaysia (NUM) with over 30 years of teaching experience since year 1970, Its recognized as one of the high-quality university in Malaysia. Furthermore, it has been expanded to include 12 colleges, 4 research institutes and 9 academic centres. In NUM, there are many kinds of programmes, such as Faculty Of Engineering And Built Environment, Faculty Of Information Science And Technology, Faculty Of Education, Faculty Of Law, Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities, Faculty Of Economics And Management, Faculty Of Science And Technology, Faculty Of Pharmacy, Faculty Of Health Science and so forth. At the early stage, NUM was focused on the teaching of theoretical knowledge, but in recent years, after being selected as a research university, its gradually attached importance to experimental teaching, which paid equal attention to both of them.

KDU University Colleges is one of the earliest institutions of higher education, with a history of 33 years. In year 2010, KDU was obtained as Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia and awarded as six-star college. KDU has provides many kind of courses. For intance, Accounting, Computer and Network Technology, Business, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, International Hotel and Tourism Management and so forth.

Tzu Chi University is a college that pay more attention in Sciences and Technology. It included sciences class and technology class. For instance, it has College of Medicine, College of Life Science, College of Humanities and Social Science and College of Education and Communication.

In October 1977, the National University Malaysia (NUM) had moved to the current campus that located in Bangi since October 1977. In NUM, there are over 17,000 undergraduate students joined, and about 5,100 postgraduate students which included over 1,300 of students that from foreign countries. The size of the campus is about 2710 acres located in metropolitan areas, such as Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the main commercial centre in Kuala Lumpur and the administrative capital in Putrajaya.

KDU University College has more than 150 faculty members, 83% of whom hold master’s and doctoral degrees. The campus provides a very favorable learning environment, as well as sufficient space and facilities. The total built-up area is about 121,751 square fit. There are also provides two students dormitory buildings that have 7 floor in total. Each buildings can contain up to 580 students. Furthermore, its also have a well-equipped lecture hall that can accommodate about 250 students each and has 60 the most advanced art classroom. In the addition, the campus provides the library that over 41,000 square fit, and specialized the facilities for hospitality, tourism and culinary arts that consist a five-star hotel simulation suite, kitchen and restaurant.

Tzu Chi University is a voluntary organization that very famous in Taiwan, and it also very popular in medical education. Tzu Chi University had operated 4 branch college such as College of Medicine, College of Life Science, College of Humanities and Social Science and College of Education and Communication that include 18 research development and 17 academic sector. TCU also provides the library, gymnasium, students’ hostel, cafeteria and others to let students study and live in the comfortable environment.

As the vision of the National University Malaysia (NUM) is a first-rate university that takes the lead in knowledge construction to realize the aspiration of building a society full of vigor, erudition and civic leadership. For the mission, NUM is the National University in Malaysia that protects the domination of the Malay language while worldwide knowledge in the cause and affect of local culture. To become a main and aggressive of centre knowledge improve the technology, NUM declare and promote the Malay language as a learning language, build a vibrant and moral association, contribute the image of NUM to worldwide society and promote the development of technologies that can bring more benefit to the world

The vision of KDU University College is changing the lives and enhancing the the society to the better world. The mission of KDU is to provide the quality products and services that can bring more advantages to the communities, and form the leaders or thinkers in the future. Furthermore, KDU care about the health and safety of students, and it believe that the students will maximizing their potential by develop their talents. In the addition, KDU also will raise the businesses to provide the reward to the shareholders and make sure that KDU continue protect the environment.

The vision and mission of Tzu Chi University included ” Daily Life Eduction ” , “Education of Virtue” , “Education of Humanities” and “Appreciation of Education”. As “Daily Life Education” is they need to pay attention when eating, walking, dressing and living, and admit the humanity to everyone. In “Education of Virtue” , every students need to respect to the teachers, having a good behavior, be integrity and responsible. In “Education of Humanities” , every students required to cultivate a spirit of contentment, gratitude, understanding and tolerance. In addition, as “Appreciation of Education” , TCU will cultivate every students be more responsible and devote to help others.

The National University Malaysia (NUM) is one of the main government organization in Malaysia. Every university must attend the legal set from the government and guard the organization and students. Furthermore, some of the important legal such like Act 30 – Universities and University College Act 1971 and Act 762 – Good and services tax Act 2014 are very essential to every university which guard their staffs and students’ liberty. Moreover, the Act 61 – Financial Procedure ACT 1957 also is one of the legal and it has tell that every university must array the details of the payment before collect the tuition fees from every students.

The subdivide 41(4) and subdivide 43(1) of Private Higher Education Institution ACT 1996 is very important to the private organization. Furthermore, the private organization need to provide the MAQ subject to the students in a must . The certificate and the programme that contribute by the university will not recognize by Malaysia government if the university did not contribute the compulsory subject.

Voluntary Organization – Tzu Chi University
The construction of non-profit universities is quite different from the public and private universities. The voluntary university would not accumulate the payment by the students and gross the benefit in education construction. As the voluntary university, they also need to follow the rules from the government that had formulated. For instance, all of the organization need to supply the income assist, subvention and incompetence interest to all the participants that work for the university. Moreover, universities need to implement the health and safety policies to let the students and staffs safe in the campus.

As the partnership, the National University Malaysia is partner with the government because the government will supply the scholarship or others subvention to NUM and focus the achievement of the top 100 universities in global.
As the stakeholders, the one of the partner of NUM is University of Chester that had over 100 years of teaching experience since year 1839 and it is one of the oldest higher education institution in UK, ahead of Oxford, Cambridge and others. Furthermore, The University of Chester partner with KDU University College will shape the KDU’s students into graduates fit into the variety of business fields through education,skills,support and motivation. In the addition, KDU University College also partner with University of London,UK , Cambridge International Examinations,UK and so forth.

Voluntary Organization
Tzu Chi University had founded by Dharma Cheng Yen. As the partnership, Tzu Chi University had partnered with ST.Joseph’s College to enhance all the students about the culture of Chinese and Taiwanese. Moreover, Tzu Chi University also has the sister school protocol with the universities that in different countries. For intance, the Nanjing Medical University and Bokkyo University in Japan and provide the educational of exchange programme or exchange student.