My Ssec Capstone Project A PROJECT REPORT ON School management Summer Internship Report submitted to the University of Mumbai in Partial Fulfilment for the award of degree of Master of Management Studies Specialization

A PROJECT REPORT ON School management Summer Internship Report submitted to the University of Mumbai in Partial Fulfilment for the award of degree of Master of Management Studies Specialization

School management
Summer Internship Report submitted to the University of Mumbai in Partial Fulfilment for the award of degree of
Master of Management Studies
Specialization: operations
Student’s Name Dhaval mukesh mehtaRoll No. 2017035
Batch: 2017-19
for the Summer Internship at,
Company’s Name. K.S Mehta high school

Affiliated to the University of Mumbai,
Recognised by DTE, Govt. of Maharashtra, Approved by AICTE, New Delhi.

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July 2018

Evaluation Report
Summer Internship 2017-18
Basic Information
Name of the Student: DHAVAL MUKESH MEHTA
Academic Year and Roll No: 2017-2019/Roll No 2017035
Name of the Company: K.S Mehta high school
Name and Designation of the Training Supervisor:
Area of Training: Mira road (E)
Special Project, if any:
Score Card
Please rate the following attributes on a scale of 01-05.
(01=Average, 02=Good, 03=Very Good, 04=Excellent and 05=Outstanding)
Sr. No. Attributes Score
1 Attendance
2 Punctuality
3 Attitude
4 Performance
5 Initiative
6 Interpersonal Skills
7 Diligence Level
8 Subject Knowledge
9 Personal Grooming
10 Communication Skills
Total Score(Out of 50)
Special remarks / Appreciation, if any: Quick learner.

Name & Signature of Training Supervisor Official Seal of the Company
Date: Place: Mira road(E)
Evaluation of Dissertation
Name of the Candidate: DHAVAL MUKESH MEHTA
Seat Number : 2017035
Name / Code of the subject: OPERATIONS
Title of the Dissertation:
Sr. No. Parameters Maximum
Marks Marks Awarded
1 Introduction 05
2 Literature Review and Problem Definition 05
3 Process Description 10
4 Project Profile 10
5 Findings & Conclusions 15
6 Learning Experience 05
Total 50

Name & Address of the Evaluator:

Signature of Evaluator with Date:

Signature of the Head of the Institution with seal:


This is to certify that the Summer Project titled “SCHOOL MANAGEMENT” is original work and being submitted in partial fulfilment for the award of the degree, Master of Management Studies of the University of Mumbai. This Summer Project report has not been submitted earlier either to this university, or, to any other affiliated college of this university, or, to any other university / institution for the fulfilment of the requirement of the MMS Course.

(Signature of Student)

(Name of the student)

I would like to present this project report for K.S MEHTA HIGH SCHOOL. It has been an enriching experience for me to undergo my summer training at “K.S MEHTA HIGH SCHOOL”, which would not have possible without the goodwill and support of the people around. As a student of
“Rohidas Patil Institute of Management Studies, Bhayander (E)”, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who helped me during my training program. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who gave me the encouragement to complete this project.
I would like to thank my college authorities for providing me the opportunity to work with
the one prestigious organization. I would like to give my heartily gratitude to HINA MEHTA at K.S MEHTA HIGH SCHOOL, Mumbai for having given me the opportunity to do my project work in the organization and lighted my way of progress with his guidance. My sincere and deepest thanks to Project Guide Prof. Aparna patil of “Rohidas Patil Institute of Management Studies, Bhayander (E)” for having spared his valuable time with me and for all the guidance given in executing the project as per requirements. I would like to give my special thanks to my parents, their love, support and blessing enabled me to complete this Project work.



Ref. No.: Date:


This is to certify that Mr./ Ms. Dhaval Mukesh Mehta pursuing his/her MMS Degree from Rohidas Patil Institute of Management Studies, Bhayander has successfully completed his/her 2 months Summer Internship (2/5/18-2/7/18) at our Organization. He has prepared this report under my supervision and the report covers all aspects of internship.
He has very comprehensive understanding of the projects and has excellent analytical skills. During the period of his/her internship program with us he/she was found punctual, hardworking and inquisitive.
We wish him every success in life.

Authorized Person Name:
(Company Seal)

Chapter No. Topic
Page No
Executive summary 8
1 Introduction
2 Literature review
3 Objectives
4 Process description
5 Results and interpretetion
6 Finding and conclusion 14
7 learning 15
8 bibliography 16

Executive summary
In summer 2018, I joined as an intern at K.S Mehta high school. My activity at K.S Mehta high was to moniter the all the department i:e To check was the staff sufficient for upcoming batches ,was the time table appropriate, was the school structure proper for a school . I had to plan the operational layout for the new admissions i:e make them see all the activities and facilities we provide at our school.

As a member of K.S Mehta high school many other activities had to performed besides operations. Like target audience, inventory management, administration upto a certain extent

K.S. Mehta high School is a Co-educational secondary English medium schools established in 2005 by founder chairman Mr.Mukesh Mehta. The school has been carefully designed to meet the needs of children coming from varied social, cultural and economic background. The teachers are affectionate, warm, dedicated and caring. The education being the child centered, the children are allowed for free thinking . We do our level best to develop the qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, compassion and tolerance against our students.

We believe that all the children have equal opportunities for education, consistent with their individual capabilities and personal needs. Nowadays education is getting lot of changes. It has to cater the needs of community as well as the needs of the parents as the world is competitive.

Main motive of K.S MEHTA HIGH SCHOOL is give a high quality of education at minimum fees.

2. Review of literature.

The purpose of this review was to fully understand the school management. The purpose of this analysis was to see how things worked in school and suitable structure for a school. Notably education system syllabus was revised every 10 year’s.

Eric C.K. ChengThe purpose of this paper is to present the school leader’s for management. This study tested a framework based on the input of 103 CPD coordinators in Hong Kong, who participated in a quasi-experimental design questionnaire survey. Factor analysis and reliability tests were applied to verify the constructed validity and reliability of a self-developed instrument. A Structural Equation Model (SEM) was then applied to confirm the model.

Rick MintropThe purpose of this paper was to know the exact role of the principals in schools. Principal’s act as rule-bound administrators acting as entrepreneurial managers.

3. Objectives
As an intern at K.S Mehta high school problem was no proper usages of unoccupied spaces, structure modification, implementation of technology, lack of manpower, high energy costs , inventory management, extra curriculum activities, parents couldn’t see what facility or attraction were made during new admissions
When I had joined this firm my job was to manage the empty space inside the school building. There was no inventory management for exams papers and stationary required for school. After reviewing this problem’s we came to know that empty space can be used for inventory management, and all the further activities that can be performed for the welfare and personality development for students by conducting audio/visual lectures, self defence classes, art classes and much more. They had 2 floors unoccupied later after these ideas given the 2 floors were occupied. Secondly they had problems of teacher i:e assignment of teachers and making proper time table. So the time table required minor changes so the teachers were assigned according to the time table and clashes fir lecture had improved but the problem was still there due to lack of manpower.

4. Process description


1. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT :- Inventory management help to store their excess inventory at a proper place. Inventory management was done by calculation of number of inventories upon empty space for storing them. Due to inventory management we had a record of our inventories so that helped us to not overstock material required by them at school.

2. ASSIGNMENT OF TEACHER’S:- Assignment of teachers mean giving proper number of lectures without clashes with other teachers . Assignment of teacher’s requires a time-table where there is fixed number of lectures in a year.

3. FLOWCHARTING: – Service flowcharting was done because when the parents entered our school we wanted them to see our facility, our attractions, new modifications done in the school. Mainly service flowcharting was done because we wanted parents to know the new thing which we had done in our school for the existing students and new students.

5. Results and interpretation
This project was started with K.S Mehta high school for their welfare and for me to learn new things regarding my specialization as operations in masters in management studies.

The project was started to make me know about
assignment of teacher’s how can be it done.

flowcharting i:e till the point when parents enter and see things or what we want to make them till the exit is known as flowcharting and I learnt very well.

Inventory management i:e how to occupy empty space for additional income or use it as an storage to store excessive material and avoid stockpile of material.

6. Findings and conclusion.

After completion of my part, I handed over the changes required to make that were assigned by me to my senior for making necessary changes.

There was record of the inventory that was there in the school after inventory management.

Clashes in the lecture were resolved at a certain extent.

Flowcharting helped them to satisfy there parents about their service and the quality of education they provide.

Operations is required in any field that, I can conclude with my experience.

7.Learning experience.

My learning experience was very great at K.S Mehta high school. I came to know that a proper management is the key for the success of an organisational structure. Without management the organisation is handicap.
I gained knowledge about inventory management and its most important part because if inventory is not managed properly then it can cause heavy losses
I came to know that resources should be used to its optimum use. Because resources cost money and if not managed properly heavy costs.

8.Bibliography history of K.S Mehta high school is taken from here