My Ssec Capstone Project A major issue in Today’s society is victim-blaming and race discrimination

A major issue in Today’s society is victim-blaming and race discrimination

A major issue in Today’s society is victim-blaming and race discrimination, such as bringing justice or having more sense of urgency in problematic situations to a certain race over another. Both of these issues were sadly demonstrated in sixteen year old Jholie Moussa’s death case. On Friday January 26, 2017, Jholie Moussa, an honor student, was found dead in a wooded area less than a mile from her home in Alexandria, Virginia after missing for 13 days. The case started out being treated as a juvenile runaway case but now is being treated as a homicide case. The parents of Moussa believes that her death could have been avoided if the police had taken her case more serious from the jump and set out an amber alert for their daughter when they reported her missing on January 13. However, the parents are not the only ones left in anger and despair. Controversy of Moussa’s death case sparked fire all over social media; people were saying that if the young woman was a young white girl that an amber alert would have been sent out immediately, giving better chances of bringing the missing girl home safely. The people are also angered by the fact that the media put out a ‘wild, party-going teen’ image of the young woman over all the other pictures they could have used. Moussa’s image portrayed on the news called for some people to victim-blame the young woman for how her situation turned out. Sadly, in many cases as such, this mostly seems to be always be the case. It has been going on for years and needs to be stopped. With the help of many citizens, a public organization/ group, specifically set up to teach others the importance of treating others equally, educating communities on consent (especially starting with kids), protesting unjust verdicts and calling out their acts of victim-blaming or any form of racial profiling, can be a major start in making change in the issue of victim-blaming and racial discrimination.

Although most people might agree that victim-blaming is wrong, there are still some that believe that it does not affect society, which is just as worse as victim-blaming alone. This is an issue, because it tends to cause most women , young to old, to feel shameful

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