My Ssec Capstone Project A leader should be able to mobilizing people and understand the potential of their subordinates

A leader should be able to mobilizing people and understand the potential of their subordinates

A leader should be able to mobilizing people and understand the potential of their subordinates. As a good leader, he or she needs to give subordinates access information or let them have the power to perform to their full capability. From some of the article as reference, in my opinion, Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell Corporation are using transformational leadership as his leadership style. This is because he will put in his effort to motivate people to transcend their personal interests for the good of the group. Michael Dell also has ability to using his legitimate, reward, and coercive powers to give commands and exchange rewards for services rendered.
Leadership is coping with unexpected variation. This is because more variation means demands more leadership in the company. The computer industry field like Dell Corporation is having a lot of competitors. So if the leaders could not cope with those complexity and changes very well, the company would have high possibly to face the problem of bankruptcy. Yet, fortunately through Michael Dell’s transformational leadership, Dell Corporation can keep up with the variation of the market, and could make more and more progress. Moreover, all of his subordinates are willing to follow him and listen to his instruction to achieve the company goals and make Dell Corporation become better and better.
Michael Dell started with nothing, but he built a conglomerate and created an amazing wealth for million people. He never missed out any commercial opportunities, and led his team to create a lot of initiate activities in the computer industry field, which means that he is an admirable innovator. He created a lot of new products that bring a lot of convenience to people. For examples low cost mail order model to sell computers, and let more and more people realize the power of computing and the internet.
Furthermore, he is able to examine his own conscience and conscious his disadvantages intensively, also he knows what he doesn’t know, so he can always improve himself by breaking his role of leadership and create ‘one company, two CEO’ leadership. He has a strong moral responsibility for business and family, and keeps a good balance between life and work. So that I created a different image of young entrepreneur among others.

In addition to this, what I learnt from Michael Dell is a successful leader, we must have clear goal and powerful vision for the future. We must use our entrepreneur personality to motivate, communicate and influence his followers. Also, we must be able to come out with some new ideas to challenge our follower’s conventional beliefs and practise.
Last but not least, as a good leader, we should put in our effort to build good relationship with our subordinates like shows appreciation, provide rewards, and motivates them in positive ways just like what Michael Dell did to his subordinates. Leaders also should respect their ideas and give them power to perform their full potential. In short, a successful leaders could not resist to learn new things and always learn from the mistakes. Besides, leaders should keep good balance among business and their private life with high moral responsibilities.

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