. Britain is in new ice age towards the end of the 21st century. Women and men
are living separately. An old man named Saul lives with a group of wild boys in
a disused airport. He begins to tell a story about his life and more importantly
about his marriage with Sarah. Their marriage is starts off as a good marriage
and they give birth to a son named Luke, but as the environment is impacted
by the change in climates their union starts to become cold and they end up
drifting apart. They eventually separate and Sarah becomes a political activist.
Sarah’s refusal for Saul to see his son leads to Saul kidnapping him and running
away to Europe. Luke does not like the idea of being taken away from home
and runs away, while Saul tries to get them passage to the warmer sides of
Africa. Luke ends up being part a group of bandits in Spain.
After losing his son, Saul returns to Britain where he gets involved in a car
accident. The group of wild boys pull him from the accident and decide not to
kill him because of his story telling skills. The group of wild boys eventually
become tired of Saul towards the end of the book.