. Exposition: Within the course of this play, Macbeth is shown or depicted as a hero and that all of the people as well as the King Duncan, That Macbeth is the new King for Cawdor.
Definition: The Main role and characters are introduced and establishment is made including that for conflict of this play.
The ACT in the play: The Scene two and three of Act 1 are the acts in the play.
2. Rising Action: Once the murder of King Duncan had taken place.
Defintion: Once this has occured, the challenges as well as the conflict has set in and has been exposed to the characters. The way that the characters deal with this and respond affects the way the story continues on.
ACT in Play: Act 2 is the one in the play.
3. Climax: When the initial annoucement or crowning of Macbeth was taking place, His old dear friend Banquo arrived to advise him from the other life, once Banquo was deceased.
Definition: This elemnt or section in the story marks the Turning point for this play or story.
ACT In the Play: this was conducted in ACT 3.
4. Falling Action: Throughout the falling action, here is where Macduff will soon be informed of what Macbeth has done.
Definition: The key of events that are now going to occur after the main character makes the decision that will effect the remainder of the story.
ACT in the play: ACT 4 is the act
5. Resolution: Next is where Malcolm will succeed within his prevail over Macbeth or overcomes him in the story
Definition: The ending of the story marks all of the conflicts as thay are resolved, all conflicts are overcome or resolved.
ACT in the play: ACT 5 is the act.

1. The time that Macbeth was in battle and what he has done while he was in battle is what King Duncan has heard about as a hero.
Support for this textual evidence: “O Valiant Cousin! worthy gentlemen!”
Why is it important in the story: Here is where the thoughts and feeling of King Duncan are expressed as he thinks that Macbeth is a wonderful hero for what he has done and conquered.
2. The second portion is when the visiting of Banquo and where he comes to greet and advise Macbeth, her Macbeth is scared and expresses fear as he thinks that Banquo will be angry with him.
Evidence supporting this textual piece: “O, full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife! Banquo, and his Fleance, lives.”
Why is it important in this story: The mean and very inhumane acts violence towards Banquo and King Duncan will be known to everyone soon.
3. The course throughout the play does not take long for some to figure out such as Macduff that Macbeth is not really whom everyone thinks that he is and that he holds and evil grudge behind him.
Textual support for this piece: Merciful Heaven!- What, man! ne’er pull thee hat upon your brows, express sorrow words, such grief that does not speak whispers the o’er fraught heart, and bids it break.
Why is this important: This is the time in the story where Macbeth will finally reach and meet his defeat in which he longfully deserves.

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Reflection: The events that i have conducted and that have located is that deep down, Macbeth is not all that everyone may believe that he is, he is a very inadequate evil person with the intent to kill anyone standing in his way.Then as the course continues on,Macduff really sees what an evil person he really is and he also finds out that Macbeth was planning to kill Macduff’s family and then was going to be crowned the king unlawfully. However, soon after Macduff found out about Macbeths plan and his inner-self. Thanks to Macduff, he stopped the evil rage that would soon be sparked and cause Macbeth to kill even more and cause harm to others.