My Ssec Capstone Project 4000302260center 3300095000 420003175000880009408795BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMSaSSIGNMENT 1 YEAR

4000302260center 3300095000 420003175000880009408795BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMSaSSIGNMENT 1 YEAR

YEAR: 2018
Module: DAFC1 group 2
YEAR: 2018
Module: DAFC1 group 2
420003175000175001870710LAURA MATANGASTUDENT NUMBER: 18010949

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A digital firm is one where nearly all of the organization’s significant business relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees are digitally enabled and mediated.

Capabilities of a digital firm include: Core business processes are accomplished through digital networks spanning the entire organization or linking multiple organizations. Key corporate assets intellectual property, core competencies and financial and human assets- are managed through digital means. Digital firms offer extraordinary opportunities for more flexible and global organization and management. Digital firms are powerful because they extensively use Internet technology for electronic commerce and electronic business to manage their internal processes and relationships with customer, suppliers and other external entities.

Competitive advantages are conditions that allow a company or country to produce a good or service of equal value at a lower price or in a more desirable fashion. It is anything important that you do better than your competition. A business with competitive advantage is like a star professional athlete: they are in a league of their own.

Strategies that lead firms to seek a competitive advantage are:
Organizational Culture ; Structure
Processes ; Practices
Products ; Intellectual Property
Capital ; Natural Resources
Apple developed a powerful product-service ecosystem connecting portable music players (iPod), mobile phone (iPhone), and mobile computing (iPad) with entertainment content and powerful applications; whereas Nokia fundamentally proved unable to move beyond developing technologically feature-rich mobile phones and their operating software and a business model that focused predominantly on selling devices. Apple bested Nokia on eight of the nine elements of the Service Innovation Triangle – Customer experiences, Business Model, Technology, Service System, Tangible Assets, People, Intangible Assets and Value. Unfortunately for Nokia, it did not prove to be indestructible as its ‘legendary’ 3310 model.

Unilever is a business founded on a sense of purpose, and their unique heritage. Unilever was founded by William Hesketh Lever. It started its operations within South Africa in 1891 when the company registered the Sunlight trademark.

A functional unit is some sort of division duties in an entity or organization, so that it can function properly.
Human resource is the most important asset in the business. The heart of an organization lies on its people. Without people, the day-to-day operation of a business would cease to function. The success of a business relies fully upon the hands of the employees working in the company. The company’s Human Resource Department is responsible in recruiting the right people with the required skills, qualifications and experience in order to achieve the company’s goals and objectives.

Promotional activities and advertising are the best ways to communicate with your target customers for them to be able to know the company’s products and services. This department is responsible for promoting the business to generate sales and help the company grow. Its function involves creating various marketing strategy and planning promotional campaigns. They are also responsible for monitoring competitor’s activities.

The production department is concerned with manufacturing the products, where inputs are converted into finished output through a series of production process. Their function is to ensure that the raw materials are made into finished product effectively and efficiently and in good quality. This departments should also maintain the optimum inventory level.

The sales department is responsible for generating revenue. The sales department is tasked to ensure that the sale of products and services results to profit. It also coordinates with the marketing department in terms of brand-awareness, product -launching and more. From the time the product left the production department sales need to develop ways on how to sell the product to their target users/ customers.

The Customer Service department is responsible for interacting with customers regarding inquiries, complaints and orders. It also includes having a help desk/ reception and con tact centers. It is important for a business to maintain and create relationship with their customers. Customer service should be provided before, during and after the purchase. A good relationship with customers will create customer-loyalty.

As stated in the definition above it is clear to see that functional units are very important in an organization, because it makes the work needed to be completed easy with all the different departments working together towards achieving the same goal.

Customer Service and Lead Generation
Bookkeeping and Accounting
Social media marketing
Tax filing and Tax preparation
1) Loss of jobs within the businessEmployees who remain directly employed by the organization may experience a loss of job security, reducing motivation.

2) Quality issuesInternal processes will be monitored by the firm’s own quality assurance system.

3) Customer resistanceThis could take several forms. Overseas telephone call centers have led to criticism about inability to understand foreign operators. Customers may object to dealing with overseas outsources operations.

Hardware refers to the physical elements that make up a computer or electronic system and everything else involved that is physically tangible. This includes the monitor, hard drive, memory and the CPU. For a computer to function hardware works hand-in-hand with firmware and software.

Hardware Requirements for setting up a student registration department:
1. Network
University network infrastructure (wired and wireless)
2. Client Computers
Mac, Unix and Windows client computers
3. IBM Mainframe
The environment that will host the university-wide databases
4. Production support systemsWeb server computer(s) and related hardware support (back-up tapes, redundant drives, UPS, etc.)
Application software is a program that allows end-users to accomplish certain tasks or help other programs to meet the information processing needs of end users. System software are programs designed to perform tasks associated with the direct control and management of computer hardware and the execution of application programs.

After a thorough research I have come down to the MVC Architectural Style.

MVC Style separates presentation and interaction from the system data. The system is structured into three logical components that interact with each other.

The Model Component – manages the system and associated operations on that date.

The View Component – defines and manages how the data is presented to the user.

The Controller Component – manages user interaction and passes these interactions to the View and the Model components.

We will use this MVC Style for the Student Registration and Receptionist System because, there are multiple ways to view and interact with data. In some software systems the code between the process logic and interface are mixed.

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