If you suspect an individual of being abused it is important that you speak to the individual and allow them to be open with you so that they can give you as much details as possible. Listen to the individual and do not interrupt or change the topic. Try to establish what has occurred without asking any leading questions. Reassure the individual that they are being taken seriously and that you will help them to make it stop. Ensure that the facts are recorded on the appropriate paperwork and signed and dated making sure to report the incident to a senior member of staff.

When and individual speaks out about abuse it is important to take allegations seriously. Show them that you are listening to reassure them that they can tell you everything and you will do everything to stop it. Make sure that you show respect to preserve the patient’s dignity. Make a written account of what has been said making sure to include only the facts and not your own opinions. It is also important to maintain confidentiality, the carer needs to make a report and hand it in to the manager/supervisor for them to take the matter further.
All evidence of the abuse should be kept safe and secure in order so it can be used by the police to build a case, record how the individual behaves or what they say, don’t touch any objects or people so that you don’t leave fingerprints on them, make sure you leave everything as it is in its place, keep all details confidential and make sure you record all signs of abuse and keep it safe.

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