|Why Was The 1960’s So Idealistic And Committed To Reform?

As everyone know the 1960’s wasn’t just an enormous part to the history that we read today but, Its changed the whole shebang for the whole world that we live today. For example: Wars, Music, And disrespect for knowledge institutes.
In the beginnings of the 1960’s John F Kennedy was elected president which most of the African Americans called it the golden ages. John F Kennedy had promised the New Deal which was also known as the “New Frontier” it concluded a package of laws and reforms that sought to eliminate injustice and inequality in the United States. But, it ran into complexity right off the bat because the Democrats’ Congressional majority relied on a group of Southerners who loathed the plan’s interventional liberalism and did all they could to prevent it. Then it was prior to 1964, Kennedy was shot, then his Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson could assemble the political capital to execute his own expansive program of reforms. That year, Johnson announced that he would make the United States into a “Great Society” in which poverty and racial injustice had no place. He refined a set of programs would only give to those who are in needed no more taking. Didn’t stop there people receive Medicaid, Medicare, Head Start, And last but not least Jobs Corp. Sadly, the War on Poverty was expensive–too expensive, exclusively as the war in Vietnam became the government’s top priority. There was simply deficient money to pay for the War on Poverty and the war in Vietnam. Which has continued since the 1950s, escalated into a full out war in 1964 then the draft began. Last the Jim Crow Laws, And the Equal Pay Act was passed during segregation because the color of your skin and black power. There representatives were Martin Luther King and The Black Panthers.

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