1. Robotics engineering
In the future of labor and productivity The “rise of the robots” is an important topic . The International Federation of Robotics has estimated that by 2018, 1.3 million industrial robots will have entered service in factories worldwide. Robots can perform many works in lesser time when compared to humans in assembling complex electronics and can even assist surgeries.
Accordingly, robotics engineers are set to be in high demand as their field expands and a “fourth industrial revolution” unfolds. They ought to be experts in:
• Industrial design.
• Robot behavior control.
• Social implications of robotics.
• Autonomous robots.
• Robot applications research.
• Mechanical maintenance.
• Algorithm creation.
deeper and higher studies in these fields can help develop these skills.With computer science as well as mechanical and electrical engineering, there is also significant overlap . One of the key sectors where the robotics engineers will be in high demand is in the Internet of things (IoT)