My Ssec Capstone Project 1 382079525400048549-341492 Contemporary Themes AS3 Case Study Student

1 382079525400048549-341492 Contemporary Themes AS3 Case Study Student

Contemporary Themes
AS3 Case Study
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Ethical Dilemmas (400 words)
Ethics moral is a system of moral principal that involves systematizing, defending and recommending the standards by which behaviours are evaluated for their morality – their rightness or wrongness dimension is a matter of ethics and morality has a high priority value or research/knowledge/insight (cited Shockley-Zalabak 1999, p. 437).

Ethical dilemma
An ethical dilemma is a complex situation that often involves an apparent mental conflict between moral imperatives, called ethical paradoxes in moral philosophy are often invoked in an attempt to refute an ethical system or moral code (thus is not a paradox logically), or that the solution to the ethical dilemma involves choosing the greater good and lesser evil (as discussed in value theory (such as peace-making), or (more recently) that situational ethics or situated ethics must apply because the case cannot be removed See also case-based reasoning on this process. An alternative to situational ethics is graded absolutism.

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As a solicitor working on the sale of the house that I am represent both clients which the date has been arranged for the 17th August for the contracts and keys to be exchanged, which suits the seller , a wealthy old couple , because they have flights booked to go on holiday that day and the buyer single mother she phone me on the 15th August to plea with me to delay the sale because she is been offered an important job interview on the 17th I would advise her to reschedule her job appointment for another day has we already agree to the sale of the house and I would suggest her to tell in the appointment that she would not be able to attend the interview on the 17th as she has the sale of the house to attend and I know that if the person is not able to attend the appointment they can reschedule for another available day and they leave their email and telephone number just in case of any inconvenience and would be easier for her to delay her job interview rather than wealthy old couple and plus she is the one that want to buy the house and it is on her best interest to attend the sale of the house and I would not compromise the holiday of wealthy old couple plus I do not know if it would be their last holiday together and they are already old therefore she need to phone then to change her appointment for next available date.

Market Research (400words)
The restaurant will be in west end central London.

To conduct market research will be focus groups will useful and our restaurant will be Michelin-starred in central London and our potential customer will be higher skilled professional and wealthy individuals.

It will be using a primary research and will be a questionnaire form to know what the customer think about the introduction of a new restaurant and the type of food and quality they will expect from the restaurant and the standard as well.

Type of questionnaire
Do you dine out? yes or no
How often do you eat out? 1,2 or 3 time per week.

Do you like vegetarian food? Yes or no
Are you allergic? Yes or no
What do you think about our menu?
Would you recommend any suggestion for our menu?
we will be going out with tablet to ask for our potential customer to fill in the form on our tablet and it will not have any names just some simple questions.

Our groups will be no more than 12 persons and it will a sample of our research.

The method is good because it gives the accurate idea and information.

Equality and Diversity (400 words)
Equality is about creating a fairer society by removing barriers (caused by negative attitudes or lack of access and/or support) where everyone can participate and has the same opportunity to fulfil his or her potential.

Diversity is about recognising that everyone is different in a variety of visible and non-visible ways and about creating a culture and practices that recognise, respect and value difference.

The importance of diversity in today in Britain is important for different reasons.

Diversity in Britain is not what it used to be. Some thirty years of government policies, social service practices and public perceptions have been framed by an understanding of immigration and multicultural diversity. That is, Britain’s immigrant and ethnic minority population has conventionally been characterized by large, well-organized African-Caribbean and South Asian communities of citizens originally from Commonwealth countries or formerly colonial territories.

Diversity is about getting difference into the organisation and have a lot of statistic and evidence data that shows that right answer on what is make work however for us is inclusion and is what makes diversity to work.

It is a valuing the difference that we work so hard to get into organisation it is including people with different point of view, perspective accessing that cognitive difference that matters and are at cultural change.

There is more variance across the pipeline within top perform countries on gender diversity.

Diversity is respecting individuals and encourage everyone in it and a new pattern that pose significant challenges for both policy and research is super-diversity.

Diversity matters, and it is the benefits to any company who are more diverse in term of gender as well as culture and ethics diversity perform better.

The more diverse leadership team have a better financial result and you must have diversity in decision making role.

All leading companies have higher share the executive women in line roles, top team ethnic /cultural diversity is collaborated with profitability and all leading companies prioritised to build a culture of inclusiveness.
The example of real business case study that inspired me Sainsburys and the area of discrimination are gender and age and the action that they took was to introduce a retirement plan and pension protection mechanisms and employees can continue to contribute to their pension up to the age of 75 years.

The benefits are better motivated mixed-age workforce has led to improved customer satisfaction and therefore willing to contribute to business success.

Criminal Law (400 words)
Under UK law Lu Yin has right to let someone know where she is ,have a right to an interpreter as she can speak some English but can only read and write in her native language(mandarin), have right to get free legal advice, have a medical help if she is feeling ill ,see the rules the police must follow ,see a written notice telling her about her right ,eg regular breaks for food, use the toilet and she can ask for a notice in her language or an interpreter to explain the notice.

She will be searched, and her possessions will be kept by the police custody officer while she is in cell.

As Lu Yin solicitor I would advise her not to submit to any DNA tests and if she is innocent and arrested and cautioned that she can remain silent and this means that she does not have to give any details and can stay silent. Say and do nothing – they can not act upon her unless you give them joinder. The only thing I suggest anyone says to cops after arrest and caution at the point they ask if you understand the caution is that you do not stand under their authority and do not consent to searches and seizures.

Then stay silent, do not say no comment just say nothing unless she needs medical assistance or needs to tell them about a medical condition or dietary that she needs.

My justification for this advice is that a police officer may receive mistaken information from a confused eyewitness or a person that is not telling the truth, or circumstantial evidence that helps persuade her that she might be guilty of a very serious crime.

When confronted with police officers and other government agents who suddenly arrive with a bunch of questions, most innocent people mistakenly think to themselves, ‘why not talk? I have not done anything. i have nothing to hide. what could possibly go wrong?’
Well, among other things she could end up confessing to a crime she never commits.

The problem of false confessions is not an urban legend however research suggests that the innocent may be more susceptible than culpable to deceptive police interrogation tactics.

The examples of other cases to support my recommendations is the case of Eddie Lowery was a 22-years-old soldier stationed at Ft. Riley, kan., when he was interrogated for an entire workday about a rape and murder he never committed. Like a typical innocent man, he persisted for hours in emphatic assertions of innocent.

Like typical police officers, the interrogators acted open-minded and unconvinced.

Perhaps, he foolishly hoped, he might persuade them of his innocence if he repeated his story repeatedly at greater and greater length.

After the daylong interrogation, he was worn out and gave them a detailed confession.

He served more than 20 years in prison until he was recently released, after evidence proved that he was innocent.

Accounting Models (400 words)
A list of Lisa assets is her boxing equipment, extra KO vest, and her life saving.

Her liability is unpaid rent and her unpaid taxes
Her expenses will be her rent and her suppliers, and her gain will be money that will get from her customers, from the selling of extra KO vest and the selling of protein powder and bolted water.

Lisa cashflow problem are several that can be listed as follow:
She does not have room to keep stock looked away, as she buys large amounts of stock from the internet wholesaler.

She has standing order with her suppliers and receives the same number of the same products every week.

Because of this, she is developing a surplus of KO Gym vests, which are taking up space in the weights room, and she often running out of protein powders and bottled water and when this happens she will often buy these products from a local supermarket at a much higher cost.

Many members have a running account (which means they can take products, such as food and drinks, on credit) and they do not always pay. Sometimes people will enter the gym without paying, as there is not a turnstile, or gate, and Lisa is often training boxers, so can not keep an eye on who has not paid. she relies on volunteers to look after reception are, so they ca not relied upon to notice who is entering the gym.

There is also a problem with customer helping themselves to extra KO Gym vests in the weights room as she does not know how much exactly because she is not entirely sure how much stock she has, and in many cases, she thinks that it is a probably good promotion for gym.

There is also a problem with customers helping themselves to extra KO Gym vests in the weights room.

The solution for Lisa cashflow problem will be for her to advertise her gym on social media and online ,stop to training the boxers herself ,install the gate in the entrance of the gym, create more space for lift weights and stop to stock unnecessary extra KO vests, stop customer to have running account ,start to accept payment online, do full audit on her products in stock and set online banking and standing order to pay her rent to avoid to close the gym when she goes to the bank.

Shockley-Zalabak, P. 1999, Fundamentals of Organisational Communication: Knowledge, Sensitivity, Skills, Values, Longman: New York.