1.3 – Statement of Purpose
Within the context described above, the purpose of this research is to identify the motivation factors that support students when they are learning in the classroom. Whether motivational factors help the students to engage in classroom learning which decrease students’ misbehavior. Improving students’ achievement, developing the skills and knowledge of the teachers by providing help in identifying quality teaching strategies and manage curriculum implementation (National Institute of Education, 2014) are important responsibilities of the teachers. Hence, identifying the factors that support motivation of pupils in their learning environment is necessary.

1.4 – Specific Objectives
The main aim of this research is to develop better understanding of the motivational factors that helps to improve students’ achievements and engagement in learning. The main objective of this research is:
1- To identify how classroom environment influence students motivation.
2- To identify motivational factors associated with teachers that support students leaning.
3- To identify teaching methodologies that support students for better learning.

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1.5 – Research Questions
More specifically, the research is guided by the following as prime questions:
1) Does the classroom environment influence the students in learning?
2) Is there any relationship between teachers’ attitude and students learning?
3) What teaching methodologies favors students learning?

1.6 – Conceptual Framework

There are many factors that are related to the physical classroom environment which helps to increase the motivation of the students to learn. Apart from that teachers’ attitude and behavior plays an important role in increasing the motivation of the students in engaging to learn. In additions, different teaching strategies are there that increase the motivation of the students to learn. Hence, there are many factors that that increase students motivation which support their learning