1.4) Coca Cola’s Business Strategies
Coca Cola used business-level strategies in both local and international processes. The Coca Cola is using differentiation strategy on its top most brands like Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite with a standard quality and formulations by creating the market leader position. Coca Cola has been using distinctive marketing campaign, labeling, and bottle shapes etc. And also, Coca Cola is always introducing the new flavor in their existing products, thus, the customers can taste and enjoy a wide range of beverages from their preferred brand. Continuously, low cost leadership is one of the core business level strategies. Coca Cola has been emphasized on internal efficiency by producing possible low cost and offering the best price for a products. Coca Cola also using the focus strategy as business level strategy in both low cost and differentiation dimensions. For low cost strategy, highlight the specific target market and create the low cost strategy especially in manufacturing processes (The Coca-Cola Company, 2013). Coca Cola is adopting a business strategy ad focus on profit maximization and growth strategy.
– Unique and valued
– Differentiate by using special marketing operations (uniqe from its competitiors )

1.5) Coca Cola’s Operations Strategies
Coca Cola is a global business and its operates in local scale. The operation goals is to find new customers, to retain existing ones, to bring back the discontinued account. It can sell more than 1.8 Million of their products each day. Coca cola is using global strategy. The company operates hundreds of global operations throughout the world. The main headquarters is located in the United States where it produces syrup concentrates. The company sells the syrup to independent bottlers to the world .They can produce final drinks by mixing with syrup with filtered water and sweeteners, carbonation. According to the local culture and the taste, they are doing customization the sweetness drinks. The, they distribute the finished goods to retail stores, vending machine, restaurants and distributors. Even though Coca cola is global products, they use transnational operation process not global, international, or multi/domestics operation. The Coca Cola’s strategy is to strength their distribution system, especially in China and India. The strategy increases the operational efficiency of Coca Cola’s distribution. Operation strategy is the pattern of decisions which shape long term or short term operations strategy.
1.6) Competitive Advantage
In the market, it is important to get the competitive advantage with product, price or etc. The operation is successful if the company got competitive advantage in product or price or services. Competitive advantage is to compete with the rivals. The goal of business strategy is to achieve a sustainable Competitive advantage. Coca Cola Company got cost advantage because the rival have also the same benefits but not lower cost benefit. In the firm, the value of competitive advantage make to create superior value for its customers and superior profit. For Coca Cola Company, they got the differentiation advantage also. It is different from other competitors. Moreover, it is unique that is valuable to buyers beyond simply offering a low price.
1.7) How Operation Strategy support to Business Strategy
According to the SWOT analysis, Coca Coca had some threats to get competitive advantage for the product. But, Coca Cola Company is trying to product Zero Cola Bottle according to the need of customer wants and market requirement. The new products make the customer satisfaction among the beverages. Coca Cola is making continuous process flow that allows them to produce more standardized products in a high volume. Operation strategy is to get the competitive priorities. So, the Coca Cola Company is trying to get competitive priorities such as low cost, high quality, fast delivery flexibility and e service. The Coca Cola operation process is helping the business strategy and corporate strategy to implement the intendent strategy. Even though, they have to adjust the strategy according to the health, customer wants and market requirement, the company can produce the products such as Zero Cola. Coca Cola always see about the customers demand and interests to deliver the better solution in the businesses. One of the company mission it give satisfaction to the consumers. Finally, the company is resisting for the growth strategy as well in different situation and variable needs of its business processes. It is using the vertical growth strategy in supply chain process as a part of cost- leadership strategy as well. Finally, the company can take market position to sustain in a global trend. (The Coca-Cola Company, 2013).
– Technology link
– Health
1.8) Recommendation and Conclusion
Coca Cola is the world’s most trusted brand why recommendation for Coca Cola is to take food safety and regulatory processes seriously. The external analysis gave some insight into the external forces that influence the beverage and soft drink industry and the key success factors required for those industry. The internal analysis explored value chain analysis. Coca Cola is associated with the systematic operation management and they are aligned with the corporate strategy and business strategy. Coca Cola used the manufacturing systems to respective sections. That’s why Coca Cola is famous and well know brand in over the world. The best combination for Coca Cola Company is operating globally and locally.

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