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Project Proposal(SCOPE DOCUMENT)
(Valid Title reflecting scope and objectives)
Version 1.0
Sana Iftikhar CU/FA16-BCS-100/ISB
Submission Date: (Day-Month-Year)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (20xx-20xx)

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Table of Contents
TOC o “1-2” “TOCentry,1” Abstract PAGEREF _Toc525517235 h 3
1.Introduction PAGEREF _Toc525517236 h 4
2.Problem Statement PAGEREF _Toc525517237 h 4
3.Problem Solution for Proposed System PAGEREF _Toc525517238 h 4
4.Related System Analysis/Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc525517239 h 4
5.Advantages/Benefits of Proposed System PAGEREF _Toc525517240 h 4
6.Scope PAGEREF _Toc525517241 h 4
7.Modules PAGEREF _Toc525517242 h 4
7.1Module 1: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517243 h 5
7.2Module 2: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517244 h 5
7.3Module 3: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517245 h 5
7.4Module 4: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517246 h 5
7.5Module 5: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517247 h 5
7.6Module 6: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517248 h 5
7.7Module 7: Module Name PAGEREF _Toc525517249 h 5
8.System Limitations/Constraints PAGEREF _Toc525517250 h 5
9.Software Process Methodology PAGEREF _Toc525517251 h 5
10.Design Methodology PAGEREF _Toc525517252 h 5
11.Tools and Technologies PAGEREF _Toc525517253 h 5
12.Project Stakeholders and Roles PAGEREF _Toc525517254 h 6
13.Team Members Individual Tasks/Work Division PAGEREF _Toc525517255 h 6
14.Data Gathering Approach PAGEREF _Toc525517256 h 7
15.Concepts PAGEREF _Toc525517257 h 7
16.Gantt chart PAGEREF _Toc525517258 h 7
17.Mockups PAGEREF _Toc525517259 h 8
18.Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc525517260 h 9
19.References PAGEREF _Toc525517261 h 9
20.Plagiarism Report PAGEREF _Toc525517262 h 9

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Project Category: (Select all the major domains of proposed project)
-38735142875A-Desktop Application/Information System B- Web Application/Web Application based Information System C- Problem Solving and AI D-Simulation and Modeling E- Smartphone Application F- Smartphone Game
G- Networks H- Image Processing Other (specify category) __________________
00A-Desktop Application/Information System B- Web Application/Web Application based Information System C- Problem Solving and AI D-Simulation and Modeling E- Smartphone Application F- Smartphone Game
G- Networks H- Image Processing Other (specify category) __________________


AbstractBeauty salon automation system is a web-based and smartphone application based on time saving for both the workers and the person who don’t have much time to go to salon and wait for their turn to avail the services. In this world full of technology,
It will organize employee schedules, check in and check out the customers. Provide the registered users with daily updates.

This system will keep the record of the employees, their schedule, tasks, payment record,
And customers would register , then check for the services, their charges, timings, appointments and give feedback.

IntroductionBeauty salon automation is a software with main purpose of time saving of both the customers and employees.

It will provide Professional operation in the sense that it will allow us to schedule the services that have been selected for that particular employee.

Services can also be setup using different time of length, processing time and setup time for the appointment book making it easier to make appointment gaps for other appointments. As everything is organized by using this application, so it would provide a better customer service.
It will keep the record of payments and earnings. And distribute the payment to its employees in their banks on monthly basis.
Provide a much better environment than manual system.

Problem StatementToday’s one of the biggest problem is lack of time. So in order to save time of customers, employees this application is proposed.

For customer, it will enable them to check the available services and their charges, timings of particular employee assigned to perform a task(example: for make up a particular employee and for hair cutting another employee). Appointments could be made online. Feedback could be given at anytime using the application. And moreover online payments methods are available (example: client just have to make online payment using credit card).
For the employees, this system would keep a record of their duties and payments.
Such systems have been developed, but beauty salon systems are not in use that much.
Skills to be learned from the proposed system:
Machine Learning
Android Development
Web based application/system
Problem Solution for Proposed SystemThe proposed solution is that we will make an application for both mobile and web.

Users would sign up to avail the services , timings, charges and payment methods are done online.
Employees would have side log-in in which there info will be registered, with their particular task , availability, and customer would register for a particular employee on the spot at application.

Briefly explain how your system solves the problems mentioned in the problem statement. (Usually in 14-16 sentences)
Related System Analysis/Literature ReviewHospital management system: This system will contain user log-in, doctor’s availability time, specialist in their field and appointments.

And it would be governed by administration to keep the updates of available doctors and modify the record in it.

Restaurant Automation : Earlier booking of table must be done, menu would be available online, so customers can make online order while sitting in the restaurant. And delivery of the food could be done online as well.

Cinema Management System: Main function is to book the tickets online.

Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 1: Related System Analysis with proposed project solution
Application Name Weakness Proposed Project Solution
Hospital management system: Doctors can’t be contacted directly for any queries. Our system would let the customers to ask for anything related to beauty tips or products by asking the expert beauticians directly.

Restaurant Automation Feedback function was not present.

Quality compromise Our app would contain the direct feedback system, and ratings could be done to particular employee as well.

Cinema Management System Paypal method of payment was not introduced Our system would contain all types of method for paying.

Advantages/Benefits of Proposed SystemTime saving
Better Customer service
Professional operation
ScopeWrite down the scope of your project in a paragraph. Briefly define the main functionalities of the proposed project. Scope defines the boundaries and range of the proposed solution, that what would be the part of your project and what will be not. Write down in logical flow with consistency.
(Usually in 14-18sentences)
ModulesWrite down the modules of the proposed project. Don’t forget to mention special/new features. Briefly explain your one module in 6 to 8 sentences.
(Note: Usually 5-6 Modules for 2 student’s project and 8-9 modules for 3 student’s project)
Explanation of a Module: Module is a section of a program that performs a task. Programs consist of modules, each of which contains one or more routines. The term routine is synonymous with procedure, function, and subroutine.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software – is comprised of several large modules (for example, finance, supply chain and payroll, etc.), which may be implemented with little or no customization.
(Briefly explain each module with respect to major functionality in user context)
Module 1: Customer Login:
Module 2: Employee Login:
Module 3: Payment:
Module 4: Services Available and timings
Module 5: Charges
System Limitations/ConstraintsWrite down the limitations and constraints of the proposed project.
(Usually 2-4 constraints)
Software Process MethodologyWrite down your software methodology/ software process that will be used for project development. Also mention why you have chosen this methodology.
Not more than 5 sentences
Design MethodologyWrite down your software design methodology (Procedural-Structural/Object Oriented) that will be used for project development. Also mention why you have chosen this methodology.
Not more than 5 sentences
Tools and TechnologiesMention all the hardware/software tools and technologies with version number which will be used in implementation of the project. Write about the APIs, language(s), SDK(s) etc. which you will use for implementation.
Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 2: Tools and Technologies for Proposed Project
Tools Version Rationale
MS Visual Studio 2015 IDE
MS SQL Server 2015 DBMS
Adobe Photoshop CSC 6 Design Work
MS Word 2015 Documentation
MS Power Point 2015 Presentation
Pencil 2.0.5 Mockups Creation
Technology Version Rationale
C# 6.0 Programming language
SQL 2013 Query Language
Html 5 Web Development
Android Development
Project Stakeholders and Roles Write down the project stakeholders and their roles.

Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 3: Project Stakeholders for Proposed Project
Project Sponsor Sir Tehseen Riaz abbasi Default option will be: COMSATS University, Islamabad
Stakeholder Sir Tehseen Riaz Abbasi
Team Members Individual Tasks/Work DivisionTable SEQ Table * ARABIC 4: Team Member Work Division for Proposed Project
Student Name Student Registration Number Responsibility/ Modules
Sana Iftikhar FA16-BCS-100 The whole project
Data Gathering Approach Internet.

ConceptsMention the concepts that you will learn while doing the proposed project.
For example: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Algorithms, API”s Code injection, Closures, VI technique etc.

Not more than 4 sentences for one concept.

(Usually 3-5 concepts are briefly mentioned)
Concept-1: Concept Name E.g. Augmented Reality (Briefly give the overview of concept with respect to your project)
Concept-2: Concept Name E.g.

Gantt chartCreate the Grant Chart and provide estimated start and end dates of all proposed modules/tasks for each team member. Also identify the dependencies (which tasks cannot be started/completed, until the dependent task is completed). Gantt chart can be created using MS Project.

01714500002774315Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: Sample Gantt chart
00Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: Sample Gantt chart

MockupsInsert minimum mockups (Usually 4-6 mockups) which show the major modules mentioned in the scope section of the document. Do not include mockups for Login, Signup, Forgot Password, Contact Us, About Us etc. If the project is a Web or a Smartphone Application, then include at-least three mockups from each part of the project. You can design mockup in any design tool for example pencil tool ( or Balsamiq (
Mockup1: About Us Page
Mockup2: Account Setting Page
ConclusionThis system is helpful in both t
Referencesa). ReportAttach the Plagiarism report of your project scope document from library staff of turnitin tool ( HYPERLINK “”